We are looking for highly motivated students and postdocs to work on a variety of interdisciplinary projects, including all-optical functional neuroimaging, single-molecule imaging, and ocular disease diagnosis. Currently, the following positions are open for application:

1) Postdoctoral Research Fellow

     Key Responsibilities

• To set up the optical imaging system for nanoscopic/tomographic imaging of cellular dynamics;

• To collaborate with team members in in-vitro experiments;

• To analyze and summarize the experimental data;

• To conclude the study in journal publications and conference presentations.

     Desired Skills & Experience

• A Ph.D. in optical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, or other related fields

• Demonstrated excellence in any form of optical systems

• Experience in quantitative phase imaging (QPI), digital holographic microscopy (DHM), or wavefront sensing/engineering is highly desired

• Excellent at writing and presentation in English

2) Project Officer (Biological Sciences/Biomedical Engineering)

     Key Responsibilities

• To prepare mammalian cell cultures (HEK cells, primary neurons, etc.), including media and buffer preparation, culture initiation, propagation, and cryopreservation, in accordance with the demand in optical imaging experiments

• To assist in the preparation and transfection of genetic materials for optogenetics

• To initiate procurement requests and liaise with the university’s procurement department to finalize the procurement processes

• To assist PI in Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol preparation, submission, modifications, renewal, reporting, and termination

• To draft project-relevant reports, including meeting minutes, grant progress reports, and annual reports

• To keep track of lab equipment and consumable inventory in a routine manner

     Desired Skills & Experience

• A bachelor’s degree in biological sciences or biomedical engineering with 1-3 years relevant work experience, preferably skilled in primary neuronal culture or gene transfection

• Excellent written/verbal communication skills

• Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work well with others in a dynamic and highly collaborative environment. Strong preference will be given to those candidates with a demonstrated ability to work independently in a hands-on manner with dedication and team-oriented approach

• The ability to multitask and willingness to learn.

For more information, please send your inquiries to tong.ling@ntu.edu.sg